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Offseason Training Plan in May – June, 2024

292 Performance Launches Off-Season Training Program for Footballers

292 Performance, a network of high-performance coaches, has launched an off-season training plan for footballers who seek individualised support in during May and June in the off-season training, working in collaboration with their clubs. For more information or to register interest, please click here

The program aims to provide players with the necessary resources to achieve their goals during the off-season, including a customised nutrition and performance plan, state-of-the-art biomechanical profiling, and regular online check-ins with experienced coaches and nutritionists from INTRA Performance Group. The program also offers additional training sessions in the athlete’s area upon request.

“We understand the importance of choice, rest, and individualised training during the off-season.
Our off-season training plan is designed to help athletes who prefer to work independently but
want expert individual support to achieve their goals whom they can trust. Most importantly, we
work with the athletes and their clubs to prepare them for pre-season training. Everything will be
shared and communicated.”

Dr Ben Rosenblatt, Founder of 292 Performance

Each athlete who joins the program will have a free initial meeting with 292 Performance to discuss their aims and goals. A biomechanical profiling assessment will be delivered to tailor the training specifically to their needs and help prepare them for the preseason. By the end of the off-season training, every athlete will be fully prepared for their club preseason, with the work undertaken being communicated with the club. They will feel rested but ready for the season ahead and will have made improvements.

For more information about 292 Performance’s off-season training program and to schedule a free initial meeting, contact us here or see details below.

292 Performance
Email: info@292performance.com
Website: www.292performance.com/contact

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