At 292, we provide high-performance support to high-performing individuals.

For elite performers, their support team is their competitive advantage. We bring the best practitioners to work with you and your team for bespoke support programs.


Founded by Dr Ben Rosenblatt, 292 Performance are a dedicated team of professionals, passionate about making an impact to your personal story.

Ben founded 292 Performance in 2023 having led the physical performance for the men’s pathway at the FA for 7 years. He is passionate about collaborating with existing teams around athletes and supporting their ambitions and needs to provide the positive, impactful support they need to achieve.

Over his 15 year career to date, Ben has led physical performance programs to support athletes and teams to medal at Olympic Games, World Championships & European Championships. Ben has coached medal winning athletes at every Olympic Games since 2008 and has athletes performing at the upcoming Paris Games.

His knowledge has been shared during extensive consulting periods within Olympic associations, national greening bodies, sports institutes, Premier League football and Rugby clubs and elite military organisations within the UK, China, USA and Europe.

Ben and a selected interdisciplinary team believe in bringing high-performance coaching to high-performing individuals. At 292 Performance, we utilize performance data scientists, physical coaches, nutritionists and psychologists to provide elite coaching methods and unique in-depth data analysis systems.


  • 2009 Senior Rehabilitation Scientist Intensive Rehab Unit

    “Never experience the same day twice”

    Driven by his passion for creating lasting experiences for athletes and enjoying the journey, Ben focused on developing an enjoyable training environment for injured athletes at the Intensive Rehab Unit. During a rehabilitation period, understanding and connecting with the athlete is the focus. Ben wanted the athletes to feel empowered and confident during their training.

    Under the guidance of Ben, over 150 athletes successfully transitioned back to their sport, 30 of them winning Olympic Medals. He developed his sought-after training systems to analyse, measure progress and inform training prescription of injured athletes.

  • 2013 Senior Strength and Conditioning Coach Great Britain Hockey

    “The moment you decide that you're going to do what you did last year, someone else will copy and do it better.”

    Ben, along with performance staff, embarked on a mission to revolutionise how teams collaboratively prepared physically for an Olympic Games. The result was the first-ever Olympic Gold Medal for Team GB Women's Hockey.

    A mainstay during his 4 years with GB and England Hockey was a focus on multidisciplinary team collaboration using data, analysis and technology. Ideas and theories led to a collaboration with GSK Human Performance Lab, UCL and the EIS Performance Solutions Team to research and innovate new ways of physically preparing the GB Hockey teams. This experience has shaped his learnings and working models which are being used at 292 today.

    After a successful Gold Medal winning Olympic Campaign, Ben moved to the FA to share his knowledge.

  • 2016 Lead Men's Physical Performance Coach Senior Men's The FA

    “A culture change to inspire athletes so they want to train.”

    During his time at the FA, Ben sought to fully understand the multidisciplinary teams that contribute to an athlete’s and team’s success. From the performance data scientist to the athlete manager, everyone was incorporated into changing the vision of Physical performance at the FA. The impact of Ben’s work was a changed physical training culture of the Senior team and pathway, reverting from a scepticism outlook to physical performance being an integral part of the process. The physical system Ben created is being used widely across football in England.

    Research and practical experience show that working as an interdisciplinary team maximizes performance outcomes. At 292, we recognise the team behind the team, their impact and the need to collaborate effectively.