High Performing Talent

Working closely with established athletes and their team to add performance impact

Emerging Talent

Emerging athletes who are driven to take the next step in their performance

Performance Rehabilitation

Focused performance rehabilitation to return the athlete to competition

Services are individually curated, based on the needs of the individual and resources available to them. We provide in person and semi-remote services.


The 292 Way

292 Performance coaches take individuals through a performance planning process to understand the performance needs. They curate a team of experts around the athlete’s performance needs, collect a large amount of data and formulate individualised training programs.


Performance Planning

At the start of the 292 journey, we want to understand you and your support network. We sit down, listen and discover your aspirations, goals and needs. A full situational analysis will be undertaken formulating areas where we can add impact to your game.


Performance Monitoring

After undertaking a full situational analysis, we extract and, with the help of our in-house data scientist, examine key performance data markers. Understanding how each athlete reacts to training loads and stimulation is the goal during this phase. This will serve as the basis for providing personalised guidance.


Performance Coaching

We use the unique data insights and our experience of coaching athletes to establish pre-training, S&C rehabilitation and recovery programmes. Programmes are shared via an app which allows collaboration and all stakeholders to see the programme, monitor progress and access content.

Our coaches have trained Olympic, World & European Champions and are thought leaders in physical training. Training is conducted both face to face and remotely based on the needs of the individual. At 292 Performance, we have the ability to source facilities and equipment to meet the desired needs of the client.